EA Fifa Ultimate Team Coin Generator

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amlfcfan97 says:

I just lost Valdes and David Silva. Then i contacted eaonlinehelpservice@hotmail.com. They asked for a few details and i supplied them with it and they  gave me my players back and 100,000 coins compensation.

MultiAsspounder says:

I now know why so many ppl are so damn rich, losers can play games all day, whist all i do is contact fifaultimateteamoffers@hotmail­.co.uk and keep telling them that i lost players, i realistically lost Reina, so they gave me 5000 coins, then i lied and told them i lost robben and ribery so they gave me 2400000

EaHelpDesk1 says:

Lost players or coins, Send us your EA: email, password and security question and what you have lost and we will refund your coins or players with in 24 hours. : eahelpdesk2@gmail.com

Jordan Wright says:

free coins! eafifafutcoins.weebly.com

FUTGiveaway13 says:

ever been hacked or robbed ? We are refunding everything to antone who has ever been Subject to lost items simply email eacustomerservice86@gmail.com

XmrMomoX says:

fifa13help.jimdo.com The only one wich works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ReeceBillington says:

look at my genorator on my channel 100%ligit

left4cake123 says:


Fill That in.

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bassel abdelhadi says:

is this site ledgit or will i get scamed and lose everything?

JustOnlyAUtuber says:

Wow this has 1k likes??? wtf this guy must be a saddo for having so many accs

BarkingColtsBoy TheBestInTheWorld says:

what a scam this is

owencool057 says:

probelry fake

xbox founder says:

ea13fut.yolasite.com free fifa 13 ultimate team ! no surveys/no download or go to my channel!

ohMethodicuL says:

How did this get 1k likes? Check my channel for a working one, no surveys or passwords- it doesn’t even ask for your XBOX Account.

megafileupload . com / en / file / 371507 / -s-FIFA-Coin-Generator-zip . html

Nathan Bennett says:

Hey guys, my friend created fifa Ultimate team 13 coin generator and Player Duplicator, go to fifaultimateteam13hackscom.weebly.com It is so awesome and he did it for me and now I have 1,000,000 coins already. Plus you can do it over and over again!! Don’t miss out, go check it now !!

xbox founder says:

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CoolCalvinR says:

why do you have 1000 + YOUTUBE acc. ?

xbox founder says:

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djsprinter Johnrose says:

Send your email and password for fut to dominicdj@hotmail.co.uk and say you lost like 60,000 coins and he will see what he can do

Matthew Kapczynski says:


legit fifa coins, got 500k today, gonna do the same tomorrow. trust me, no surveys or anything. my team is already stacked.

fabregas56470 says:


xUltimateTeam Hack says:

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paulgabber says:

Boobs boobs boobs!!!

So now i have your attention you can also mail to EAsportsfifaUK@gmail.com and that your are hacked and say that you have had good players and lot of money (do not to much because that’s not realistic) and it really works

I only say this because i am trying to be nice and help you because i have also been hacked and it helped to me :(

Felix Revell says:

Instead of commenting with feeble attempts to get other peoples details, can someone actually tell me if this shit works or if I’m wasting my time

SuperFUTCOINS says:



Eaownerable says:

For those struggling to make money. I genuinely use this website and was amazied that it worked as it weebly haha. Here is a link for those interested. fifa12-giveaway.weebly.com

ben dover says:

i know a real coin/player generator that works just send your e-mail and password and what amount of coins/players you want to tigs1966@gmail.com and you should receive them within about 24 hours

FIFALegacy says:


TheFifaExpert101 says:

Guys if you want free coins I know how to get them. I have been hacking working out how to change information on FIFA for years. I am able to add coins to your account within 48 hours with no charge, whether it is 100 or 1,000,000? Just go to freefifa12coinsforyou.weebly.c­om and follow the simple instructions.

Edward Bray says:


FIFALegacy says:


crosbie13 says:

EMAIL : Easportssupportteam@live.co.uk
and say that you have been hacked and lost all your players and they will ask you a few questions and they will give you free players.

bossman12357 says:

its not a scam if u want your money or players duplicated message me your ea password , ea email and ea security awnser i have a xenon jtag it takes 5 minutes.

FifaWanderers says:

Go on my channel and go on my site(coin generator and Duplication)

FIFA12Cheats1 says:

I have TOTY Messi, Rooney, Ronaldo and More if You a team like that send a email to EAFIFACheats@hotmail.com with Your EA Email, EA Password and Security Questions Answer No Surveys, No Scams. If You want enter To my page Fifa12CoinGenerator.weebly.com

kwazyx says:

I got Messi IF, Ronaldo IF and Gomez IF. I just wrote my email, password and sequrity answer to Fifa12Support2012@hotmail.com and said that I have lost them during technical problems. Then I got them. I didn’t even have problems. HURRY UP GUYS, BEFORE EA FINDS OUT!!!

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